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  Many organization face several IT challenges including balancing daily operational demand and growth-related business transformation. These headwinds, along with financial, resource and knowledge constraints, can lead to a perfect storm of uncertainties. As a digital transformation partner, NIOSolutions works to remove these impediments by simplifying technology adoption and providing organizations with tailored IT services.

Our Services

Digital Transformation Advisory

Understanding where we are is the first step towards improvement

We partner with the CIO office to understand where they are in their digital transformation journey, map out where they want to be, and formulate a plan to get there.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Complex reporting and data analytics can be challenging and expensive

We automate the data pipeline and increase the transparency of the underlying data saving organizations high costs and improving compliance and operational efficiency

Tech Talent Support

Getting the right talent is job half done

We are experts at understanding the IT talent requirements and partner with organizations to identify and hire the best-suited talent.

How are you meeting your data analytics and reporting requirement ?

Organization spend a lot of time and resources creating data products that may not meet the required data quality standards. At NIOSolutions, we have experience automating the entire data pipeline enabling streamlined data analytics and reports. Our approach provides organization with significant cost savings, improved security and build trust in making data driven decision.

How we do it ?

Customer Centric Approach

Unlike many general IT service providers, we are niche in providing tailored IT services. Our experts are individuals that have been there and done that. We work on a customer centric approach. We ensure that operational IT processes and applications seamlessly integrate with business-critical applications to meet the overall business objectives.


Our objective is to get results, and as such, our approach is to provide a free consultation before we offer any service. Based on the outcome of our consultation, you are in the driver's seat to decide how to move forward. We are committed to the services we can provide in-house and will advise you on potential partners for services outside our expertise.

Return on Investment 

Part of providing exemplary service is ensuring we can do it for the right price. We understand that the financial appetite for IT spend is relative and competitive. To meet this requirement, we run a lean organization with low overhead and provide IT services in a phased approach that allows us to build on realized success, improving our customer's ROI.
Get an IT Assessment

 We perform an IT assessment of your organizations existing IT landscape and work with you to understand the expected goals. Our assessment output will include a comprehensive IT maturity report and a roadmap detailing quick wins and short-term and long-term plans to achieve your objectives.

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