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In a lean IT environment, the hired resource must be a leader and domain expert of the technology area they manage and support. Therefore, engaging the right IT resources requires having the right approach and skills.


Organizations actively recruiting IT talent to help them with digital transformation. However, hiring these individuals is always a challenge

It is hard for the existing team to judge the candidate's skills when they do not have anyone in their group with the same skillset

The HR in are usually spread thin, and without good support from the hiring team, they struggle to find the right candidate.

Many staffing firms are a catch-all and do not have expertise on domain specific skillsets.

The commission charged by many well-known staffing firms is very high due to internal overhead and operational costs.

Business Impact

The candidate pool and, ultimately, the candidate hired might not meet the requirements of the job.

The process is time-consuming for the hiring team and HR and results in lower productivity on other critical tasks.

Candidates hired end up being very expensive.

Our Approach

We perform a phased interview process where we validate the authenticity of the claimed experience and the depth of required skills. We accomplish this by having experts in the technical domain interview the candidate. In addition, unlike many staffing firms, we also conduct a proctored technical assessment and provide you the results of that assessment along with our analysis.

Our Edge

Data driven decision

Our approach of conducting a proctored assessment leaves little to guess work

This approach along with having a technical expert conduct the interview gives us a 360 view of the candidates experience and skills providing you with top quality


Many times a decent size of the budgeted money for a role is eaten up by the staffing firm, pricing out good candidate

We run a lean organization with low overhead.

Domain focused

We are niche in hiring IT resources for small and mid size banks

We understand the business requirements of such openings and leverage are experience to find the best candidate. We are not streched thin like other staffing firms.

If any of these business challenges resonate with your current situation, please get in touch for a free consultation.

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