Financial Reporting and Analysis

Accuracy of data to be used for 10K, 10Q, Quarterly earnings, Call reports, Reconciliation reports, etc is critical to meet regulatory reporting requirements. Generating this data requires the right tools, processes, and expertise.


Most of the data required for this reports comes from disparate system including the core banking system. Many of the core banking system have certain reporting limitation. This along with other institutional limitation can pose a set of challenges.

Data provided by vendors core banking application is time bound. You have a limitation as to how far back you can report off.

The core banking system does not provide access to the direct raw data but to a curated list

The reporting module provided by core banking solutions are limited and lacks feature for advance query

Lack a standard way of identifying master data

Report Catalog is not centrally managed

Lack of robust controls around report access

Business Impact

Limits ability to access historical data to meet reporting requirement

Generating reports is a manual process that requries additional processing outside the reporting module. This introduces additional time and increases risk of data accuracy.

Managing the catalog gets complicated as it grows in size over time

All this significantly impacts the accuracy of the reports procduced

Our Approach

We implement a modern data warehouse solution with master data management, automated report generation and a centralized catalog Management

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Our Edge

Prebuilt Datastructure

We have a prebuilt template of the datawarehouse data structure

Our prebuilt data warehouse template saves significant time and ensures consistency on how we deliver the same successful results for different customer

Security and change controls

Our approach has accounted for the security and change controls required by auditors

Having a robust change and security controls ensures a meeting compliance and reduces the chances of errornous data being reported.

Modular design

Our design is made to work with any Core banking solutions

Leveraging this design we are able to scale and adapt to changes which provides long term benefits in case of updates or changes to the core banking system

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